Sport and recreation

Rafting on the Cetina river

Rafting on the River of Cetina takes you down a 9 km long part of the Cetina course, from the village of Penšići to the excursion site of Radmanove Mlinice . 
The river Cetina will welcome you with its mild and moderate rapids, its clear and deep river lakes which are perfect for swimming, the lush vegetation along its banks forming several „tunnels“ of branches along the way, its impressive cliffs and hidden caves... 

Free climbing

When asked about the most interesting place for free climbing in Croatia, many free-climbers will answer - Omiš. Apart from a unique combination of the sea, the Cetina River and the surrounding cliffs, Omiš also offers some other advantages as compared to other climbing locations. First of all, the Adriatic Highway ( the so called „magistrala“) passes through the very town centre, and the farthermost climbing location from there is only a 5 minute drive away

Canoe / Kayak

Unlike in rafting, when descending the river in canoes or kayaks, the guests independenly steer boats for 2-3 persons with the help and instructions of a river guide in a separate kayak.The descent down the magnificent canyon (with a depth of 40-100 meters) takes some 3 hours


Have a whole new experience and adventure you will never forget. With a help of some great entertainment, enjoy the natural beauty of Omis area.

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Omiš provides diving opportunities both for beginners (discovery diving), for those eager to become real divers and for those which have long since become familiar with the wonders of the underwater world. If you ever wanted to do something adventureous during holidays now is your chance. You can dive without licence or any previous experience guided by the safe hands of our instructors. We`ll equip you with everything you need and you will be taken to the depth of up to 10 m. Experience the thrill of underwater breathing and discover the amazing sea world. 

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A day spent playing paintball in a fully natural environment and in good company is something that will surely make your vacation unforgettable.   
The extraordinary surroundings of the paintball site, situated in natural shade right by the river, make a perfect place for a picnic and guarantee an unforgettable experience of adrenaline and fun.

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